“I have been seeing Dr. S. for a few years now. It’s been easy to open up about my issues. She’s helped me work through some very difficult personal matters and I don’t think I would be the strong and happier person I am today without her help!”

“Dr. S.  is super smart yet down-to-earth, a great listener, and not judgmental. She also has a really good sense of humor and truly cares about her clients. She’s like that little ‘good conscience’ on my shoulder.  Thank you, Dr. S.!”

“Dr. Judy is a wonderful therapist! I have left every single session feeling better about myself, and equipped with tools and strategies to use in my daily life. She helps me with anxiety, depression, stress, and low self-esteem, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!”

“Judith has been instrumental in helping me see who I am as a person, as well as help me through many difficult situations and circumstances in my life. Since I’ve started seeing Judith, I feel more confident in who I am as a person and in my interpersonal relationships. She has been not only my therapist, but someone I look forward to talk to and who can not only relate to me from a professional standpoint, but a personal one as well. I would encourage anyone looking to talk with someone to reach out to Judith. She is absolutely wonderful!”